January 11th

For some reason, the 11th is an important day in just about every month of the year, at least in my family tree. And while it’s still the 11th in the PST zone, I wanted to make note of this interesting pair of facts:

My 3rd Great-Grandfather, Rev. Elisha Watson, died in Schenectady on January 11th, 1879. He was in town to start a train trip to Ohio, to recuperate in a health spa known for its restorative benefits. His particular disease was diabetes, so I’m not entirely clear on what mineral water had to do with anything. His plans were foiled, however, by a big dump of snow. The weather delayed his departure, he had to stay with his son in Schenectady, and died a few days into that stay.

His Great-Grandson, my grandfather Howard L. Watson was stricken under very different circumstances – a heart attack while on vacation in Hawaii. He did eventually make it home to Spokane, but his death came 101 years, to the day, after Rev. Watson’s.

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