1. Hello. I bought an old trunk at a sale that has Rex Meacham papers inside. Would love to pass on to the right family. He died in France 1918.

    • Hi Tammy! Wow, I’d love to see them – and I used to be in contact with some of the immediate family, so I’ll happily pass them on after I scan them for my files. I did a post about Rex awhile back – mostly about his mother, Grandpa’s aunt Kate, and her journey to France to visit the cemetery. I’ll drop you a note at your gmail address. Thank you so much! -Brad

  2. Ken and Ruth are my great grandparents. darling grandmother Claudia Rawson who became a Cramer is a big part of my life.

    Who are you? Thanks for posting all this stuff. Are we related?

    • Claudia was my dad’s first cousin. Her mother Ruth and my grandfather Howard were siblings. I knew Ruth quite well – never met Claudia. Only met Don once, at Claudia’s memorial. I knew your aunt while I lived in Seattle.

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