The First Year – An Epilogue

(Cool – an Epilogue! Just like a Quinn-Martin Production!)


A year ago, I started this blog as a salute to a handful of plucky Montanans. Judith_Hotel_at_Utica_Montana


But that didn’t really pan out, chiefly because I didn’t feel like profiling 52 Montanans. The project ended up more like a tribute to pioneer spirit in general, as a show of regard and respect for folks who chose, over and over, to take a road (or ocean) less traveled.

Iquique, Chile - 1906


So this blog ends its first year, and I complete my 52-Week commitment. I’ve actually felt a little hemmed-in by the “one person per week” construct. I have a fascination with physical resemblance within families from generation to generation, and have wanted to do a post about that.  I’ve wanted to write about a town, say… or Revolutionary War veterans… or Methodists. (Okay, not that last one – Quakers, maybe.)

I’ll probably do some whiney venting now and then – but I really want to celebrate the victories when they happen. I just found a new relative I’m excited to talk about, actually. Next year!

Albert Richmond-Alfred Richmond c1865  Melinda (Richmond) Corbett-Ellen (Richmond) Adams c1860



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