Agnes or Ann (1630-1682), Ancestor No. 42

Serving up a quickie double-feature today.

Honestly, I don’t know much of anything about this lady. Not even her name. But she holds a place of significance in my family tree.

One of my 11th great-grandmothers, Agnes (as I’ll refer to her) was the mother of the mother of the mother of the mother of the mother of the mother of the mother of the mother of the mother of the mother of the mother of the mother of my mother. As of today, Agnes is as far back as my direct maternal line goes.

Agnes married a man named Philip Griffin in 1653 in Salisbury, Massachusetts. I believe they moved off to Scarborough, Maine, where Philip died quite young.

I’m fairly certain that she moved back down to Massachusetts with her second husband. In Marblehead, her daughter Hannah married a man named Jasper Griffing. Fortunately, the story becomes much more clearly documented from this point on.

Jasper was a Welshman, and arrived in the Colonies probably in the late 1660s. After a number of years in Massachusetts, he married Hannah in 1675, and they sailed south, hung a starboard, and settled in Southold on the north shore of Long Island. (A hundred years later, his descendants would be part of the famous flood of Patriot refugees who crossed Long Island Sound to Connecticut as the British occupation dug in in earnest.)

Jasper and Hannah had Mary. Mary married William Lee – and my connection with several generations of seriously influential Connecticutians began.

The Lees had a daughter named Lydia, who married Uriah Rowland.

Azubah Rowland married John Hayes, and they moved to Vermont.

Polly Hayes married Ariel Jones.

Betsey Jones married Allen Richmond, and they left Vermont for the Western Reserve – that is, Ohio.

Mary Richmond married Joseph Brown.

Libbie Brown married George Earl, and they moved to Wisconsin. But he died a year later, and she returned to Ohio.

Lula Earl married J. W. Ralston after she moved with her mother and stepfather’s family to Minnesota.

Lottie Ralston married Rudolph Thews and moved with her parents to Montana, leaving Rudolph behind.

Lula Thews went to Montana with her mother and sister, and there married Louis Wright.

They had my MOM, and the three of them moved to Washington State.

Et voilá!

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