Mary Ellen “Ella” Wright Fox (1860-1943), Ancestor No. 33

This is a quickie post – first of an occasional series of one-offs I like to call “What the Heck?!!” (at least during the Family Hour). Our first group of subjects is the  family of Ezekiel E. Fox and his wife Ella, elder sister of my Great-grandfather Lewis Lilley Wright.

Fox-4 Generations

This wonderful 4-Generations portrait is from about 1907 – that’s Ezekiel Fox and his mother Sarah Ann Everett; the man in back is Ezekiel & Ella’s son Harrison Franklin (“Frank”) Fox, who was the father of Estella, front and center.

Sarah Everett’s first husband, Dixon Fox, died in the Civil War. She married Lewis Chambers in 1864, and among their children was a daughter named Josie Chambers.

Ella’s mother Nancy died in 1882, and the next year her father Jackson Wright married 18-year old Josie Chambers.

Some factoids:

Josie was five years younger than her stepdaughter (and half-sister-in-law) Ella.

Josie was ten years younger than her half-brother (and son-in-law) Ezekiel.

Sarah, being mother to both Ezekiel and Josie was mother-in-law to both Jackson Wright AND his daughter Ella.

Seriously confusing, but not at all unusual.

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